Where's the Beat

2-CD set of music performed live on WFMU. Offered during the WFMU 2008 marathon.

Disk One: 1)Lau Nau/Lue Kartalta 2)The Ex/Waiting 3)Lo Moda/Low Moda//Real Real 4)Major Stars/Half Centered Half Sane 5)The Muldoons/Are You Electric 6)Kelley Stoltz/Birdies Singing 7)Dengue Fever/1000 Tears Of A Tarantula 8)Eternal Buzz Brass Band/Sounds Good 9)Antiguo Automata Mexicano/Order 10)Cadaver Eyes//Yom Yom/Sweet Home Alabama 11)Steve Mackay & The Blue Prostitutes/Song For Baghdad 12)Psychedelic Horseshit//In Our Dreams/What's In Store

Disk Two: 1)The Rebel//Touching the Void Hem of the Cloth/Fuck Syngenta 2)Circle/Virsi 3)The Enablers/Februaries 4)Slow Six/Cloud Cover 5)Budos Band/February 6)Half Japanese/Firecracker(live SXSW) 7)Mudhoney/Where Is The Future 8)Wreckless Eric/Joe Meek 9)Sloan/Who Taught You To Live Like That 10)Brian Wilson Shock Treatment/Jack Kerouac I Didn't Know You 11)Armitage Shanks/Support Slot 12)Extra Golden/Yuak Debe Sauti Moja 13)Marissa Nadler/Sylvia